Fulfilling life for your filet of meat.

We love, respect and honor each of our animals and it is our mission to provide this community with meat from animals who had the best life imaginable. Our poultry and goats are heritage breeds which means they are not factory floor birds genetically modified and unable to walk. Our animals are selected for their genetic diversity and ability to forage, which produces healthy, tender and flavorful meat. Every animal is pasture raised and responsively butchered. 

Purchasing Information
Our chicken and ducks are sold whole. You can pre-order several at once or one or more for each harvest during our season.
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Our goats are sold as a whole- or part-animal. This is an excellent way to get high quality meat at an affordable price. Rather than paying full retail price you will receive a significant discount by purchasing in larger quantities of meat. We price our orders based on the "hanging weight” of the animals, which in the case of goats is is 65% of the live weight as the butcher discards any liquids and unusable parts of the animal. Because your order is cut by a skilled butcher, you can also choose to take home your bones for broth, off-cuts for your dogs, as well as liver, kidneys, tongue and hearts.



Goat Meat 
10 lb Box: Can include Rack of Ribs, Loin Chops, Stew Meat, bone-in leg, Fresh Ground Meat. 

Individual Orders and cuts can be purchased upon request

Half or Whole Goat upon request

Chicken Whole 3.5-5lb

Duck Whole 6-8lb



Goat November 2018

Chicken TBD

Duck TBD


10 lb Box: $115 ($135 value)
Individual Orders: $8.99+/lb

Whole Duck

Whole Chicken


More information on cuts (coming soon)