Job Openings


Farm Hand

Join our 11.5 acre family farm just north of Boulder, Colorado. We are looking for a self starter and motivated individual with some farm experience. This is a perfect job for someone who would like a few hours on a farm a week. Get to know a wonderful goat herd and learn how a small farm and dairy works! We are developing our plans for regenerating our soil with animal pasture rotation and compost teas. Because we are a small family farm, most of your work will be focused in one area while I am tending to other aspects of the farm, but I am almost always present to help when needed. There may also be a large farm project which you’re invited to help with as you’re able.

Our farm has 4 milking goats, a male goat herd, 7-8 kids, turkeys, laying hens, meat birds, ducks and a llama. We rotate our goats through the land via electric fencing and the chickens, ducks and turkeys follow the pasture section. We are developing a compost tea to apply with our irrigation to replenish the nutrients in our soil while researching other opportunities and alternatives to tilling or using chemicals. Our primary goal is to ensure the highest quality life for our animals and land, always giving more than we take.

Job Description

Your routine tasks are 1-2 hours Monday-Friday with a flexible start time between 5-7 PM focused on our milking herd and baby goats. There is an occasional Saturday morning when I am at a farmer’s market or need help on a weekend morning/evening. There are also large scale farm projects you’re invited to assist with as able and there is always the opportunity to learn about anything else we do on the farm.

Compensation: Starting hourly rate of $13.50/hour
(Farm items are an option for additional compensation and can include 2-3 10x4ft garden plots)

This role requires an able body individual in good health, able to lift 50-75 lbs.

Your role would include:

  • Morning or Evening Milking (3-4 goats)

  • Feed baby goats until weaning

  • Assist in goat barn cleanup

  • Move goat to pasture in the AM or back to the barn in the PM

  • Provide feed, water and grain for goats

  • Occasional hoof trimming

  • Moving grain bins & hay bales in the barn

  • Washing eggs 1-2x/week

    Occasional assistance with the following:

  • Replenish feed and water for birds

  • Move electric fencing

  • Processing chickens 1-2 times/year (if you’re comfortable with it)

  • Join me in collecting hay from fields during designated times of the year

  • Join me in filling grain bins upon delivery

Other opportunities for additional hours can include assisting me at the Farmer’s Markets, assisting with our caramel production and any other area of work that interests you.

If you believe you’d be a good candidate for this position please email us at with your resume, age, and why you would like to join our team.

Thank you!
Amanda Adare
Owner & Friend