Pasture Raised with the best quality life and feed.

We believe that an animal's lifestyle truly impacts the quality of food they produce. As our birds forage our fields for bugs and greens they produce eggs with a highly nutrient deep orange yoke and protein rich whites that hold stronger for cooking & baking.

See below to learn more about duck vs chicken eggs and farm vs store bought eggs.



Guaranteed orders are reserved for CSA members. You can participate in our CSA and request weekly egg on a quarterly, half a year or annual basis.  

Individual Orders
We always enjoy meeting our community and individual orders can be requested, but not guaranteed. Please complete an order form and we will confirm our availability.

Available Shares

Time of Year
All Year Long

Dozen Chicken Eggs: $6
Half Dozen Chicken Eggs: $3
Dozen Duck Eggs: $8
Half Dozen Duck Eggs: $4
Mixed Dozen: $8.50

Pickup Locations
Wednesday Farmers Market
Friar Farms


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