Goat Milk Caramel Sauce

Our passion is dairy and we have mastered the magic of producing the highest quality goat's milk caramel sauces using Colorado local fresh goats milk and raw ingredients. Each flavor is inspired by our goats while the flavor ingredients simmer in our goat’s milk for hours to produce the creamiest most flavorful caramel sauce you’ve ever tried. 

Flavors & Ingredients

Vanilla Bean: Whole Vanilla Bean simmering for over two hours, slowly stirred to create this rich flavor and creamy texture.

Cinnamon Vanilla: Whole Cinnamon sticks and whole Vanilla Beans are placed in our goat’s milk and simmers for over two hours to create traditional Mexican Cajeta with a rich deep flavor and creamy texture.

Whiskey: Top shelf Rye Whiskey is added to our slowly cooked caramel sauce to create a perfect combination of caramel sauce with a smooth whiskey kick.

Coming soon: Coffee, Sea Salt and seasonal flavors


2oz Flight: $14
Try all 3 flavors

Individual Sizes:
4oz Jar $7
8oz Jar $14

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