“We're just a small family trying to do the right thing”

Our farm's mission is to preserve genetic heritage of the animals we raise and to provide our community with the highest quality food and products with the least amount of waste. We work diligently to ensure we give more than we take from our land and animals. We thank each goat for their milk after every milking and we bless every animal before processing.  While you can go to the store to pickup a steak, you can only imagine the life that animal lived. Buying local means you can meet the goat who provides the milk or meat you're consuming and know the ingredients in your products were selected with care. You can enjoy your products knowing your purchase supports a small business where every animal lives the best life - enjoying 300 days of sunshine grazing in open pastures with a nuturing community.

Thank you for your interest in our work!

Andrew Adare- Owner & Fixer


Andrew has a PHD in Physics and met Amanda when working at CERN in Switzerland. Itching to get back to Boulder, he convinced Amanda and is exactly where he wants to be. He works full time in the tech industry in Boulder and devotes his weekends and evenings to building and fixing whatever is needed on the farm. 

His passion for welding and exacting personality is just what the farm needs!

Amanda Adare - Founder & Farm Director


Amanda grew up in Manhattan and devoted her career to non-profit management, working around the globe. It all changed when she began working with dairy farmers in Nicaragua and Kenya who lived off their land,  providing food for their families and community. What started as 4 chickens in the family's backyard in South Boulder has become 12 acres in South West Longmont.

Though the days in farming are long and the work is rigorous, she would't change it for anything! 

Meet the goats